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expert chat with piret jeedas 

"creating space for
connecting and learning" 

october 5 at 17 CET 

on zoom 

Webinar is organised by Erasmus+ strategic partnership between France, Czech Republic, Estonia and Italy to develop and collect storytelling methods or activities that could be used in adult education and creating local peer groups. Discover more

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"It was a moment of recognition, that there is nothing else that I can do, than create the space, where people can start creating themselves."

said Piret about her beginnings as a space creator. 

In this free chat adult educator and space creator Piret Jeedas shares her thoughts on what do you actually create when you create spaces for people (and more than people) to meet and to learn.


  • What makes the space enabling?

  • What makes it sensitive?

  • How to learn to be a space creator and leader of such spaces?  

Chat is in English. 

Please register to the event! 


The webinar is recorded and will be sent to all who register. 


About Piret Jeedas 

"I am curious about life, myself, the learner and creating meaningful learning spaces with adults. My academic background in adult education has informed my practice as an educator and a learning designer. I have introduced Art of Hosting as a participatory leadership practice in Estonia, educated youth-workers and teachers in design thinking and school leaders to be more mindful innovators. My curiosity towards innovation led me to initiate a strategic cooperation project within Erasmus+ “MoveMakers: Co-Creating New Ways of Learning”. Being in nature, spending time with friends and eating cake together grounds me." 

More here - 

About Epp Adler

I am Self-Mastery coach and trainer and the Estonian partner in the strategic partnership. I am interested in learning and how to enable it. How can leadership in any form enable and disable the process of becoming yourself? This within an individual and in any kinds of groups and organisations. 

I am happy to have this chat with Piret, to hear how she sees space, leadership, participation and the magic something that happens in great spaces. 

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