The Power of Story for Educators

4-week online course

to discover, understand and practice

your story

and the story of your learners.  

As educators we want to create learning.


We believe our topic is important.


How to enable learners who are busy, overwhelmed, stressed or forced to participate in your educating?


The course starts on May 5 (until end of May). 

It includes:

  • 4 webinars on Tuesday afternoons (replay available), including Q&A sessions 

  • Content inspired by your cases and story.

  • Small, powerful and useful weekly assignments

  • E-mail support  

  • Worksheets for continuing learning. 

Weekly titles: 

  1. Learning - a scary and dangerous thing. 

  2. What drives us (as learner and educator)?

  3. How we protect ourselves and why? And how to go past this, build trust and enable learning?

  4. Planning and leading to a Happy End. Creating the feeling of success. 

Price: 99€ 

Kontakt: epp(ät) 

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